Creating Space Right Where We Are [+ April Goals]

Bubbs was so excited about using our fire pit for the first time.

We had a dry, mild evening last Friday and we decided to take advantage of it. I prepped hot dogs and deviled eggs and baked beans and a tray full of s’more makings and Matt and the kiddos prepped the fire pit and our cozy chairs.

We had a blast.

Babes had fun, I swear. She’s been pulling out her serious face whenever I pull out the camera lately. Ha.

The fire pit is the first in a series of plans we have to create more space right where we are. Most of our plans aren’t anything big or crazy, just small changes here and there to add more breathing room, initiate a slower pace of living, and facilitate a lot more memory making.

Right where we are.
Right now.

No waiting, hoping, dreaming. Just a little doing that is paying off.

Sissy Sue is the marshmallow queen. I think that was her favorite part of our whole evening. She’d never had one before, but she’s a girl after my own heart: she loved it and, of course, wanted seconds and thirds and fourths…

On to April Goals:

– Read three books
– Easter trip to MiMi + Grandpa’s [hip, hip, hooray!]
– Complete the draft for a book I’m writing
– Blog three times
– Plant our veggie garden and some begonias
– Practice yoga 2-3 times a week
– Complete my candida protocol

Keeping it short + sweet this month. But some times that’s best. Focusing on the things that are top priority, homing in on what really matters.

Like time together, making memories to last a life time, and watching our babies enjoy the simple things.

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